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Ricky Martin

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Ricky Martin
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Back by popular demand (ok a few friends asked)...

Old celebrity photos, mostly Menudo including Ricky Martin!

scan0001.jpg (2363576 bytes) scan0002.jpg (2379340 bytes) scan.jpg (1780914 bytes) scan0003.jpg (388916 bytes) scan0004.jpg (716778 bytes) Click to enlarge images.  Sorry for the poor quality on the scrapbook collection of photos - it was faster to scan in these pages than to do all the individual photos.  These sheets are color copies from when I sent them in to a TV show that was doing a fan segment a few years ago.

If anyone is in contact with any of the former Menudo members or Tina Yothers (she is in one of the scrapbook images as we attended the same Menudo concert!), please let them know about this site - we could use ANY celebrity donations for the charity auctions and any help we could get!


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Last modified: April 02, 2008