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  eBay Sellers, want more traffic?  Please consider donating a percentage of your auctions to:  

Sharonsweb Autism Foundation eBay AUCTIONS.  

As little as 10% will put your items on the foundation eBay page.  Share the link on social media sites. Lots of traffic for everyone!  Donations from your auctions will go directly to special projects and families in need.



Refer buyers to SHARONSMITH auctions to raise money for your cause or just to earn some extra cash!  Just contact me at to let me know where to send your commission when buyers mention you or your charity!  


Indianapolis area:    Buyers may pick up items to avoid shipping charges!  

Learn to sell on eBay.  Consign your high value items.




Click the cog to set a Twitter account to show. You will need to create a widget via your Twitter account settings on Twitter's website and paste that code into the cog options on this add-on.